Extra Battery for DrunkLizard X7 Electric Scooter

Extra Battery for DrunkLizard X7 Electric Scooter

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Extra/Replacement Battery for X7 Electric Scooter - Order an additional battery pack that can be charged externally or within the scooter.  This battery comes in two versions: standard or extended-range.  Battery range will vary according to user habits - stop and go riding, speed, rider's weight, terrain and temperature. 

Regular: 5.0Ah same version and capacity as the battery pack included in the DrunkLizard X7 Electric Scooter.  Approx 12 mile range in optimal conditions, 8 to 10 miles for stop and go.

Extended Range: 6.4Ah this battery ranges up to 20 miles per charge in optimal conditions (according to the manufacturer), realistic range of 12 to 16 miles for stop and go traffic. Fits the same way as the regular battery, no additional attachments or tools required. 

Always have a spare on-hand so you never run out of power while you cruise around town.  Battery has a charging time of 2 – 3 Hours.