Hawaii's Electric Scooter Co. - DrunkLizard E-Scooters

About us

We are a small business founded in Hawaii, bringing Micromobility to the islands in order to declutter the streets and step towards a green future.  Shipping options for lithium powered personal electric vehicles (PEV) are very limited to Hawaii, which pushed us to develop a supply-chain solution to offer the best electric scooters with swappable batteries to the Hawaiian Islands.

Why an electric scooter with swappable batteries?

In short, for its green eco-footprint, its ease of use and its dynamically fun ride. Living in Hawaii, it is very difficult and expensive to get batteries from the mainland. Then, once the battery dies on most scooters, the only option is to dump it. We chose the DrunkLizard X7/X8 for their unique features that complement life on the islands, making the DrunkLizard E-Scooter THE sustainable scooter that will last, reduce carbon footprint and to ultimately make micro-commuting fun. We have all spare parts on Oahu, including extra batteries, to ensure your electric scooter get you to where you want to go.
Additionally, for our neighboring islands' customers, having a removable battery allows you to send your scooter back to Oahu for repairs or warranty claims at a reduced cost.  The scooter is no longer considered "dangerous goods" for shipping purposes once the battery is removed. 

Why DrunkLizard?

Sitting on the Lanai (patio or terrace for mainlanders) enjoying a glass of wine, we walked away for a few minutes, and came back to find a very resourceful and happy lizard inside our newly emptied bottle. Drunklizard has become a symbol of all that is good in life.

14 Day Guarantee:

We stand behind our product - If you don't love your electric scooter, send it back to us within 2 weeks for a full refund.  You don’t like your electric scooter after 3 months? Send it back! Just pay an open box fee of $100 plus a rental fee for each month that you had your Scooter. ***Scooter abuse and misuse  will void this guarantee and return offer.