Frequently Asked Questions – DrunkLizard

Frequently Asked Questions

*We do not have a storefront for you to visit.*

We operate out of a warehouse & all transactions are done through the website. If you're interested in setting up a test ride, please contact us at 808-755-9020.

Why swappable batteries?

-Extend your range on the go.
-Easy to replace once the battery's life cycle is depleted. Replace the battery, keep the scooter!
-Once the battery is removed the scooter is no longer considered "dangerous good" and can be shipped by the customer via USPS, Fedex, etc. back to Oahu for warranty repairs or claims.
-Fly often to the same destination? We can ship extra batteries to your destination, leave one battery at home and check in your scooter with any airline.

Do you have a storefront to purchase / test ride?

We don't have a storefront, but if you are located on Oahu, you can schedule a time to meet with us for a test ride anywhere on the island.  Please reach out to us to schedule a time to meet and check availability, we don't take walk-ins.  Not having a traditional storefront allows us to save on overhead costs and to offer affordable prices on all our products. 

Do you have parts in Hawaii? 

Yes. We have all parts to ensure your scooter keeps running.  We offer free shipping on all our replacement part purchases (excludes batteries).

What is the return policy?

​We stand behind our product - If you don't love your X7 or X8, send it back to us in like-new condition within 2 weeks for a full refund minus a credit/debit card processing fee when applicable.  Restocking Fee's may apply, and buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs.  You don’t like your DrunkLizard scooter after 3 months? Send it back! Just pay an "open box" fee of $100 plus $80 for the X7 a month (or $100 for the X8) for each month that you had your Scooter. ***Scooter abuse and misuse will void this guarantee and return offer.  

All refunds issued by will be credited back to the original payment method used on your purchase.

Do you have a warranty? 

DrunkLizard scooters have a 6-month warranty for any manufacturing defects. We will replace all defective parts, or the scooter if necessary, to resolve any issues and to keep you riding. 

How far can I go on a single charge?

The range on a standard battery (the battery that comes with your scooter) is approximately 12 miles when measured in the following conditions: a weight range between 130 - 175 lbs, 75ºF of temperature, flat road without strong winds, energy saving mode and constant speed of 10 mph. The results will vary according to different loads, temperatures, wind speed, and rider habits.

Stop-and-go city riding can reduce the range of the battery, especially when operating at top speeds most of the time. Expect the realistic range to be closer to 8-10 miles in scenarios like this.

***If you would like to extend your range, we have extra standard and extended range (12 miles) batteries in stock.

Do you ship to other Hawaiian Islands? 

Shipping is available to all Hawaiian Islands serviced by FEDEX, Aloha Air Cargo and Hawaiian Air Cargo.

Do you sell electric scooters in other states? 

If you are interested in a DrunkLizard Scooter outside of Hawaii, please contact us at 808-755-9010 or via email at to go over your options.  We can ship to anywhere in the U.S. 

Do I need to put it together? 

Due to packaging constraints, minor assembly is required to be performed by the customer.  The assembly consists of installing the hand brake lever on the handlebar and screwing in the hand grips to the handlebar. Each hand grip is visibly marked with an L and R to ensure proper placement.

Can you check-in the scooter with an airline? 

The scooter without a battery can be checked in as luggage with the airlines.  As policies differ from airline to airline, please check with your airline their policy regarding bringing the battery in your carry-on bag; as lithium-ion batteries over 100W are considered dangerous goods. 

Moving Off-Island or just Visiting Oahu?

Just remove your battery and ship your scooter to your destination - order a new battery with us and we will ship it to your mainland address direct from our supplier, or pay a small shipping fee and we will ship the scooter to your new address.  We are a "Dangerous Goods Shipping Certified" business, and can ship lithium batteries anywhere in the U.S. 

These services will save you from spending ($275) to ship hazardous materials off-island, as the batteries are lithium-ion. If interested contact us for more information. 

Do you offer promos / discounts?

Unfortunately not, we strive to keep prices as low as possible for all of our customers so we can bring a better form of transportation to as many people as we can. 

We do offer financing through Klarna, with terms as low as $0 down and $50 a month.  To learn more, select "Pay by Klarna" at checkout. 

How waterproof is the scooter?

The DrunkLizard Scooter has a IP54 waterproof rating.  The scooter can withstand light to heavy rain with no damage to the electronics.  Riding through puddles up to a a few inches would be safe given that the battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter, versus most scooters that have the battery installed under the floorboard/deck. 

Leaving the scooter in the rain would be okay; however, to prevent rust and premature aging of the scooter we would recommend that it's always kept indoors. 

While the pneumatic tires provide better wet surface traction than scooters with solid tires, please be sure to exercise caution when riding in the rain.  Visibility can be reduced and there is a higher likelihood of skidding or slipping off the scooter. 

Do you sell refurbished / used scooters?

Occasionally we do have discounted demo models available to sell, and we will post the offers in our website and social media pages.  If interested, please reach out to us. 

Do the tires come inflated?

Yes - but you may need to add more air upon arrival. A standard bike pump will do the trick. For best results, inflate to 50 PSI, and be sure to never inflate over 60 PSI.

Can the X7/X8 handle hills / inclines?

Yes, but the max speed will be reduced depending on rider weight. We recommend not attempting to ride long distances above a 5% grade, and to avoid anything above a 10% grade to prevent damage to the motor.   If you plan to ride in a hilly location, we offer dual motor scooters that can handle steep hills up to 30% grade incline. 

My tire is punctured / flat

If you get a flat, the easiest thing to do is use Tire Slime to seal the tire and find an air compressor to re-inflate.  Because these are tubeless tires, the air compressor should be capable of delivering at least 120 PSI to ensure a proper seal can be set.  After the tire is seated correctly on the rim - ensure the pressure does not exceed 50 PSI before riding.

If the puncture is too large where Tire Slime cannot seal it - please contact us to purchase a new tire. 

Do you sell in bulk?

If you are interested in buying in bulk or would like to offer scooter services to your customers, please contact us at 808-755-9010 or email at